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Volume 28 Issue 1

Volume 28, Issue 1 - Mar 1998

Some thoughts on alternate service delivery

Jim Armstrong

Outcomes of CRAD’s client satisfaction survey

Pierre Gauvin, David W. Large, Michael Guolla

The impact of technology on organizational performance

Yves C. Gagnon, Jocelyne Dragon

On Being Canadian

Rosey Edeh

Benefits-driven procurement: a model for public and private sector collaboration

R.G. (Bob) Mornan

The path of partnership

Robert Bellehumeur

Costs and risks of doing business in Asia Pacific

Nicolino Strizzi, Gurpit S. Kindra

Volume 28 Issue 2

Volume 28, Issue 2 - Jun 1998

Communication and conflict in organizations: revisiting the basics

Andrew A. Moemeka

An integrated approach to effective knowledge management

Alain J. Godbout

Toward a social information strategy

Joe Burpee

The challenge of strategic governance: Can globalization be managed?

Kimon Valaskakis

Competitive intelligence for managers: a brave new world

Jonathan L. Calof, William Skinner

Modern comptrollership: a new era of public service reform

J. Colin Potts

Volume 28, Issue 3 - Sep 1998

Achieving client-centered R&D organizations

J. André Potworowski

Profile of a research survey of public works authorities in 21 countries

Elizabeth Fox

Renovating governance: lessons from sustainable development

Edward Manning, Gordon Clifford, T. David Dougherty, Denis Jolette

Implementing a performance measurement system in a public service informatics function

Bryan Shane

Administrative morality

James Q. Wilson

Management by design

John C. Nash, Mary M. Nash

APEX Conference 1998: reflections on the challenges of governance

Pierre de Blois, Gilles Paquet

Volume 28 Issue 4

Volume 28, Issue 4 - Dec 1998

Canadians and their public institutions

Frank Graves, Paul Reed

Marketing in government

Judith J. Madill

Transformations at Justice

Donald Lemaire, Richard Thompson, Adèle Lamoureux

Some thoughts on the future

Arthur Kroeger

Managing environmental projects

Louis Gosselin

Seduction as a leadership competency

Aïda Warah

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