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Volume 29 Issue 1

Volume 29, Issue 1 - Mar 1999

Property rights and governance in Canadian fisheries

Daniel E. Lane

Performance measurement in the UK public sector: Poisoned chalice or Holy Grail?

Ron Eden, Noel Hyndman

Performance measurement in Canadian government informatics

Bryan Shane, Gary Callaghan

Many hands on the tiller: Change, governance and leadership

Paul G. Thomas

Performance measurement in the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Pierre Sabourin

Auditing in a learning environment: The case of the military

Gilles Paquet

Volume 29 Issue 2

Volume 29, Issue 2 - Jun 1999

Canada Communication Group privatization: lessons learned

The CCG Privatization Project Team

Cultivating technology commercialization teams

Keith Belinko, David W. Large

Labour market integration of persons with disabilities

Yves C. Gagnon, France Picard

IM/IT governance framework

Bryan Shane, Patricia Lafferty, Tim Beasley

Shaping public policy in the next decade

David Zussman

Humour: the missing link in the chain of command

Louise LeBrun

Performance: a moving target

Robert Bellehumeur

The manager as coach

Aïda Warah

An artful approach to program evaluation

Judy Layne

Building partnerships: lessons learned

Nicole Charette, Andrew Graham

Investing in people: the public service in an information age

Luc Juillet, Jeffrey Roy

Innovations in governance in Canada

Gilles Paquet

Volume 29 Issue 4

Volume 29, Issue 4 - Dec 1999


Listen carefully: you will hear what people are thinking

V. Peter Harder

Career development of knowledge workers in the federal public service: the view from the trenches

Linda Duxbury, Natalie Lam, Lorraine Dyke

Career development: taking the pulse of the public service

Lorraine Dyke, Linda Duxbury, Natalie Lam

Career development in best-practice organizations: critical success factors

Natalie Lam, Lorraine Dyke, Linda Duxbury

On career development at Statistics Canada

Ivan Fellegi

Where should the federal public service go from here? Key recommendations arising from the research

Linda Duxbury, Lorraine Dyke, Natalie Lam

Facing facts

V. Peter Harder

Retired public servants and “emeritus” activities

Sylvia T. Wargon

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