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Volume 30 Issue 1

Volume 30, Issue 1 - Mar 2000

Break-even efficacy of the New Brunswick heart health promotion campaign

John A. Boyne, Joyendu Bhadury, Julie Golding-Page

Delivery of government services: toward an optimum governance structure

Daniel J. Caron, Pierre Simard

Sustainable development strategy consultations

Rick Smith, Gisèle Grandbois, Jean-François Tremblay

Automating the taxation of e-commerce: a proposed solution

William P. Olders, Al DeVito

Some obstacles to measuring results

Barbara Wake Carroll

Partnership-based governance: lessons from IT management

Helen Jelich, Robert Poupart, Richard Austin, Jeffrey Roy

Volume 30 Issue 2

Volume 30, Issue 2 - Jun 2000

Emotional intelligence: a review and appraisal

Mark N. Wexler

Exploring the changing emotional landscape of the public administrator

Mark N. Wexler

An overview of the privatization debate

Judy Layne

Horizontal integration

Jeanne M. Flemming

Criteria of good governance

Ruth Hubbard

Organizational change under high external pressure

Art Turner

Involving NGOs in trade policy negotiations

John M. Curtis

Volume 30 Issue 3

Volume 30, Issue 3 - Apr 2001

The development and implementation of an IM/IT governance framework

Bryan Shane, Patricia Lafferty

Ideas for enhancing employee empowerment in the Government of Canada

Eleanor Glor

Searching for gender neutrality in the UCS

Marilee Reimer

Helping find gender neutrality: a theoretical framework

John Kervin

The OIR project: an outstanding achievement in vision and cooperation at PWGSC

Roger Painchaud, Erin Blaney

Seattle: the lessons for future governance

Pierre Pettigrew

Productivity, innovation and risk in the arena of polarized politics

Arthur Turner

Who owns what?

Steve Bittner

The Public Service in an age of permeable boundaries: meeting the dual challenge of distinctiveness and openness

Luc Juillet

Assessing modern comptrollership management practices in departments and agencies

Beverley Gooch

Trust building in organizations: a fundamental component of risk management models

Aïda Warah

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