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Volume 31 Issue 1

Volume 31, Issue 1 - Nov 2001

Letter from the Editor (Issue 1, Fall 2001)

Gilles Paquet

P-P-Partnering: Transportation P3s help get you there

Michael Wilson

Human Resource Management Modernization and Core Values

Ruth Hubbard

Violence in the Workplace: A New Challenge

Joanne D. Leck

Corporate Governance as Culture in Business and Government

Michael Miles, Jeffrey Roy

Bridging a Gap in International Project Financing

Lucien Bradet

The Capacity Circle Toolkit: "From Vision to Victory..."

Dan Yarymowich

Volume 31 Issue 2

Volume 31, Issue 2 - Dec 2001

Letter from the Editor (Issue 2, Winter 2002)

Gilles Paquet

Leadership in turbulent times: A series of interviews

Denis Desautels

Integrated Emergency Support Systems: Governance and Leadership Challenges

Denis Caro

Embedded Learning Through Process Integration

Gregory Richards

The Informatics Planning Model

Bryan Shane

Smart Communities and the Geo-governance of Social Learning

Gilles Paquet

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