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Volume 32, Issue 1 - Mar 2002

Letter from the Editor (Volume 32, Issue 1, Spring 2002)

Gilles Paquet

Revisiting the Canada Health Act: What are the impediments to change?

Hon. Monique Bégin PC FRSC OC

ENRON and the twilight of professional ethics

Gilles Paquet

Ottawa Tobacco By-law: A case of transversal leadership

Dr. Robert Cushman

Web-Geographic Information Systems and Coastal and Marine Governance

Sue Nichols, Michael Sutherland, Kevin Wilkins

Informatics Roles and Responsibilities in Public Sector Organizations

Bryan Shane

Volume 32, Issue 2 - Jun 2002

Letter from the Editor

Gilles Paquet

Federal Regional Councils and Horizontal Governance

Luc Juillet

Herding cats: the evolving governance relationships between government and the voluntary sector

Ruth Hubbard

Fiscal disequilibrium and governance

Gilles Paquet

Governance in organizational crisis

Pierre Duplessis

Informatics problems tackled through service level agreements

Patricia Lafferty, Bryan Shane

Volume 32, Issue 3 - Oct 2002

Letter from the Editor

Gilles Paquet

Integrating dissent

Kate White

Governance of health: a great stir is needed

Gilles Paquet

Managing the sexual abuse crisis in non-profit organizations

Sheldene Simola

Leadership in learning organizations: a report from the front line

Bob Chartier

Human resources issues in public sector informatics

Timothy R. McConnell

Volume 32, Issue 4 - Dec 2002

Letter from the Editor

Gilles Paquet

Fragmentation and the New Risk Discourse: Implications for Governance

William Cowie

The Partnership Imperative of E-Government

Barbara Allen, Ariel Lifshitz, Jeffrey Roy

Boundary Spanning and Public Sector Reform in Australia and Canada

John Langford, Meredith Edwards

Can centralization be decentralized?

Gérard Bélanger

Ecologies of governance and institutional métissage

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

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