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Volume 37, Issue 1 - Apr 2007

R&D Intensity as a basis for R&D support policies

T. A. Brzustowski

The myth of the public service as a lump of "guardians"

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

Facilitating contingent cooperation

Christopher Wilson

Political culture and policy practice in Prince Edward Island

Andrea May Simpson

Service Canada as innovation

Maryantonett Flumian

Letter from the Editor in Chief

Gilles Paquet

Volume 37, Issue 2 - Jun 2007

Cat's Cradling: APEX Forums on Wicked Problems

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

Public Service of the 21st Century: Trust, Leadership and Accountability

Paul G. Thomas

National prosperity and excellence in science and engineering research

T. A. Brzustowski

Gaining democratic control

Normand Ouellet

Administrative contracts and good governance: the case of sickness-disability insurance in Belgium

Thibaut Duvillier

Letter from the Editor in Chief

Gilles Paquet

Volume 37, Issue 3 - Oct 2007

Canada as counter-narrative: multiculturalism, recognition and redistribution

Keith G. Banting

Do I see a demand?... From “medicare” to health for all

Hon. Monique Bégin, PC, FRSC, OC

Generation Y challenges the public service

David Eaves

Toward a new moral contract: Reclaiming trust in public service

Ralph Heintzman

Intelligent accountability

Gilles Paquet

Letter from the Editor

Gilles Paquet

Volume 37, Issue 4 - Dec 2007

The governance of solidarity organizations: an exploratory essay

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

The social acceptability of electricity transport systems: a case of relational learning

Louis Simard

Competitive intelligence and the management accountability framework

Jonathan Calof

Whose model is realistic, whose unrealistic?

Iain Gow

Letting the cat out of Gow’s bag

Gilles Paquet

The public service: a “Generation X” perspective

Angela Majic

Letter from the Editor

Gilles Paquet

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