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Volume 38, Issue 1 - Mar 2008

A new indicator of university productivity

by T. A. Brzustowski and R. Truman

Service transformation in a citizen-centric world

John Langford

The Canada Investment Savings initiative: lessons to be learned

Jean-Pierre Aubry

Attention to place to correct policy imbalance

Christopher Wilson

Sources of ineffective governance in the Canadian public sector

Bryan Shane and Patricia Lafferty

An ethical look at the secure delivery of care

Hubert Doucet

Letter from the Editor (Issue 1, Spring 2008)

Gilles Paquet

Volume 38, Issue 2 - May 2008

Spectrum Auctions 101

Richard French

Political-Administrative Interface in Canada’s Public Sector

Paul G. Thomas

Vitality of linguistic minorities in Canada: two perspectives

Gilles Paquet

Unintelligent accountability and the killing off of optimism

Susan Hodgett

Private concerns and public action: a conceptual framework and an Irish aside

Nicholas Acheson

Letter from the Editor (Issue 2, Summer 2008)

Gilles Paquet

Volume 38, Issue 3 - Aug 2008

Cat’s Eyes: intelligent work versus perverse incentives - APEX Forums on Wicked Problems

Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet

Reasonable accommodation and governance

Gilles Paquet

Letter from the Editor (Issue 3, Fall, 2008)

Gilles Paquet

Investment in prevention in the financing of health care

Pierre Fortin and Luc Godbout

Blogs & Strategy: A Preliminary Inquiry

Laurent Mirabeau and Muriel Mignerat

Merit and the Public Service Commission of Canada

Luc Juillet and Ken Rasmussen

Volume 38, Issue 4 - Dec 2008

Letter from the Editor ( Issue 4, 2008)

Gilles Paquet

Allocating Risk among Public and Private Partners:

by Ross Coates, Mary Koyl and John Langford

Transferring government labs: first act of a Canadian epic or one-act mystery?

T. A. Brzustowski

Governance as stewardship

Gilles Paquet

Resurrecting relevance in academic policy research through think tanks

Ian Peach

Governance: the new balance between politicians and public servants in Canada

David Zussman

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