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Volume 39, Issue 1 - Mar 2009

Letter from the Editor in Chief

Gilles Paquet

The case of Cascadia

Victoria Lennox

The Canadian energy scene: confusion, contradiction, and its consequences

Andrew D. Miall, FRSC

The black hole of equity in health

Monique Bégin


Gilles Paquet

Measurement in Public Management: The Case for the Defence

Ralph Heintzman

Volume 39, Issue 2 - Jun 2009

Federalism and Accountabilities in the Social Arena

Julie M. Simmons

Not in the catbird seat: pathologies of governance

Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet

To experiment or not to experiment–that is the question

Riel Miller

Letter From the Editor

Gilles Paquet

Industrial R&D spending in Canada: model, policy and program delivery

T. A. Brzustowski

Project Governance: Ten Years Later

Gilles Paquet

Volume 39, Issue 3 - Sep 2009

Letter From the Editor

Gilles Paquet

A short editorial on employment insurance

Don R. Allen and Gilles Paquet

Ombudspersons as producers of governance

Gilles Paquet

An ombudsman can influence attitudes

Laura Bruneau

Letting the Watchdog Off the Leash

André Marin

Strenghtening The Confidence In Public Procurement

Shahid Minto

Subsidiarity: a tool for the ombuds

Patrick Robardet

Volume 39, Issue 4 - Dec 2009

Multi-level collaborative governance: the Canadian Heart Health Initiative

Claude Rocan

Public Governance:
(G => g) ∩ (G1 => G2)

Gilles Paquet

A Primer on Horizontal Management

Tom Fitzpatrick

When the machinery of government breaks down

Paul G.Thomas

The unwisdom of cats

Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet

A response to the Editorial by Allen/Paquet

Susan Bradley

Letter from the Editor

Gilles Paquet

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