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Volume 42, Issue 1 - Mar 2012

Stationary Population as a Policy Vision

Anatole Romaniuk

Arthur Kroeger on Political Management

David Stambrook

Why the Public Service Modernization Act has failed

Doug Dollinger

Letter from the Editor in Chief

Gilles Paquet

The democracy-technocracy tug of war

Ruth Hubbard

Media, imprecation and disinformation

Gilles Paquet

Volume 42, Issue 2 - Jun 2012

Canada’s Commercial Fisheries: Share the Wealth or Create Prosperity?

Daniel Lane

Impact of Government Investments in Research & Innovation: Review of Academic Investigations

Margaret Dalziel, Joe Roswell, Tanita Noor Tahmina et/and Xiao Zhao

Two Governance Hiccups: the Montfort Affair and the 2012 Quebec Student Protest

Gilles Paquet

Letter from the Editor in Chief

Gilles Paquet

CRTC: The Human Side of Czardom

John Meisel

Canadian Public Culture

Gary Caldwell

Slouching toward a relatively stateless state

Gilles Paquet

Volume 42, Issue 3 - Sep 2012

Is Archiving the Act of Sorting? A Governance Perspective

Daniel J. Caron and Richard G. Brown

Horizontal Management in Canada Ten Years Later

Evert A. Lindquist

Collaboration and Knowledge Governance

John Verdon

Subsidized daycare: not a source of budget surplus

François Leroux

Community governance innovations: French Canada outside Quebec

Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet

Letter from the Editor in Chief

Gilles Paquet

Volume 42, Issue 4 - Dec 2012

Common Law vs Civil Law: Exploring Selected Implications,

Thomas J. Courchene

Letter from the Editor in Chief

Gilles Paquet

Behavioural Economics and Food Safety Regulation

Catherine Liston-Heyes

The Canadian Naval Mutiny of the 1940s

Christopher Wilson

The 2008 Crisis through the Detox Prism

Gilles Paquet & Tim Ragan

What Can One Expect from Minority Governments?

Marc Gervais

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