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Book Review

Pathologies de gouvernance

Pathologies de gouvernance

by Gilles Paquet

At Optimumonline, we are always on the look out for books on public management and governance that would be of interest to our readers. We are especially interested in promoting authors who have graced our pages for they are the ones most likely to be of interest to our subscribers. Featuring one very recent book in each issue will be a way for us to draw attention to a book of interest.

For the Spring issue of Optimumonline, the Editor in Chief has indulged in a bit of self-promotion. Gilles Paquet has decided to promote his book Pathologies de gouvernance published by Editions Liber in Montréal early in 2004. You will find below a reproduction of the table of contents. The reason for selecting this title as our first featured book is that five of the over twenty chapters of this book have first been published by Optimumonline in 2002-2003.

This book is not a treatise but a series of essays identifying the foundational principles of good governance that are under stress these days (trust, partnership, professional conscience), some structural flaws in our institutions (territorial federalism, fiscal imbalance, limits to diversity), some sectors in crisis (health, education, universities, armed forces), and some mental prisons that are endangering the quality of public debates (dogmatic egalitarianism, quantophrenia).

Have a good read and keep us informed of your best finds.

Table of Contents

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