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Book Review

Accounting for Culture

Accounting for Culture

by Caroline Andrew, Monica Gattinger, M. Sharon Jeannotte, and Will Straw


  • Foreword by Judith Larocque
  • Foreword by Donna Cardinal
  • Contributor biographies


  • Caroline Andrew and Monica Gattinger – Accounting for Culture:Thinking Through Cultural Citizenship


  • The Evolution and Broadening of Cultural Policy Rationales

    • Colin Mercer – From Indicators to Governance to the Mainstream: Tools for Cultural Policy and Citizenship
    • Dick Stanley – The Three Faces of Culture: Why Culture is a Strategic Good Requiring Government Policy Attention
    • Catherine Murray – Cultural Participation: A Fuzzy Cultural Policy Paradigm


  • Voices

    • John Meisel – The Chameleon-like Complexion of Cultural Policy: Re-educating an Octogenarian
    • Allan Gregg – Reframing the Case for Culture
    • Tom Sherman – Artists’ Behavior in the First Decade


  • New Approaches in a Changing Cultural Environment
    • John Foote – The Changing Environments of Cultural Policy and Citizenship in Canada
    • Stuart Cunningham, Terry Cutler, Greg Hearn, Mark David Ryan and Michael Keane – From “Culture” to “Knowledge”: An Innovation Systems Approach to the Content Industries
    • M. Sharon Jeannotte – Just Showing Up: Social and Cultural Capital in Everyday Life
    • Karim Karim – The Elusiveness of Full Citizenship: Accounting for Cultural Competencies, Cultural Capital and Cultural Pluralism
    • Rosaire Garon – Transformations des pratiques culturelles et questionnement des politiques culturelles
    • Will Straw – Pathways of Cultural Movement


  • Governance, Indicators and Engagement in the Cultural Sector
    • Monica Gattinger – Creative Pique: On Governance and Engagement in the Cultural Sector
    • Gilles Paquet – Governance of Culture: Words of Caution
    • Christian Poirier – Vers des indicateurs élargis? Indicateurs de performance et justificatifs des politiques culturelles au Québec et en Europe
    • Nancy Duxbury – Cultural Indicators and Benchmarks in Community Indicator Projects


  • M. Sharon Jeannotte and Will Straw – Conclusion: Reflections on the Cultural and Political Implications of Cultural Citizenship


  • Greg Baeker – Back to the Future: The Colloquium in Context: The Democratization of Culture and Cultural Democracy

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