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Book Review

Comparing Border Security in North America and Europe

Comparing Border Security in North America and Europe

by Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

Border security has been high on public policy agendas in Europe and North America since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and on the headquarters of the American military in Washington, DC. Governments are now confronted with managing secure borders, a policy objective that in this era of increased free trade and globalization must compete with intense cross-border flows of people and goods. Border security policies must enable security personnel to identify, or filter out, dangerous individuals and substances from among the millions of travelers and tons of goods that cross borders daily, particularly in large cross-border urban regions.

The book addresses this gap between security needs and an understanding of borders and borderlands. It argues that the nature of borders is to be porous, which is a problem for security policy makers. It shows that for economic, cultural, or political reasons human activities increase across a border and borderland, governments need to increase cooperation and collaboration with regard to security policies, if only to avoid implementing mismatched security policies.

2007 University of Ottawa Press

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