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Book Review

Gilles Paquet - homo hereticus

Gilles Paquet - homo hereticus


Scholars, analysts, and practitioners help reveal Gilles Paquet’s contributions to the design of effective governance in human organizations and societies. 

This volume explores and contextualizes the contributions of Gilles Paquet as a social scientist. A quintessential public intellectual, Gilles Paquet’s long and multifaceted career has shown him to be a thinker of significant power and creativity. This self-described “homo hereticus”—always critical and sometimes controversial—has influenced scholars and policy makers in Canada and around the globe. The contributors reveal how his assessments of economics, politics, public administration, and education have stirred their minds and helped them make sense of the world around them. The volume also provides comments on Paquet’s vision of governance, touching on concepts of which he has made extensive use: meso-analysis, social learning, and moral contracts.  

Table of Contents


Introduction Ruth Hubbard


Part One: The Educator

The Al Pacino of Carleton University Tony Going

High Noon Meyer Burstein

Courtesy of Gilles Paquet Pedro Arroja

Part Two: The Colleague

Getting to Know Gilles Paquet, an unexpected pleasure Tom Brustowski

Fifty Books Per Year and Counting Wojek Michalowki

En hommage à Gilles Paquet Monique Bégin

Part Three: The Associate

Le journaliste et le communicateur Pierre Bergeron

Unbundling Paquet Robin Higham

Part Four: The Fellow Traveller

Notes sur une longue et fructose collaboration Jean-Pierre Wallot

An intimate vignette John Meisel


Part Five: Repositioning

Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, Carleton University 1973-79 Don McEown and Blair Neatby

Gilles Paquet et son rayonment au sein de l’ASDEQ Jac-André Boulet

Une passage marquant à la presidence de la Société royale du Canada Bernard Bonin

Part Six: Influencing

Paquet and Jacobs – On Sectoral Relations and a Search for Common Ground Jeff Roy

Urban governance à la Paquet Caroline Andrew

Building Cooperation Through Conversation Chris Wilson 

Part Seven: Engaging

Ironist and Agent-Provocateur Jim Mitchell

Looking Past the Dots Ruth Hubbard

Gilles Paquet and the Federal Public Service David Zussman

Letter to the Editor-in-Chief of optimumonline McE Galbreath


Part Eight: Organizing Ideas and Concepts

The New Geo-Governance H. George Frederickson

Contribution to Governance Scholarship: Definitions, Debates and Omissions Monica Gattinger

Centralité de la meso-analyse Paul Laurent

Contribution to Civic Governance, Social Learning and Smart Communities David Wolfe                        

De l’industrie automobile à gouvernance centralisée à gouvernance distribuée Christian Navarre

Contributions to the Study of Higher Education Michael Skolnik

Part Nine: Interpretations

Six observations sur la croissance québecoise à la manière de Gilles Paquet Pierre Fortin

The Dialectics of the Heart: Gilles Paquet on Moral Contracts and Social Learning Ralph Heintzman

Skills: Banal Creativity and Spontaneity in a Learning Intensive Society Riel Miller

Part Ten: A Tip of the Hat

Carbon Pricing as a Wicked Problem Thomas Courchene

Working Past 65 Will Soon Get More Respect in Canada Leroy Stone


Bio-bibliographie de Gilles Paquet


Selection des œuvres


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