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Book Review

Deep Cultural Diversity - A Governance Challenge

Deep Cultural Diversity - A Governance Challenge

par Gilles Paquet

Deep cultural diversity is an issue that has generated much debate in Canada in recent decades, but it is not clear that a general agreement had been reached about the best way to analyze this phenomenon, about the definition of the optimal degree of cultural diversity, and about the manner in which one might wish to regulate it. This book tackles these three sets of issues and questions the current policy of multiculturalism rooted in the perpetuation of differences, and makes the case for a policy of transculturalism, inspired by a philosophy of cosmopolitanism, and making the highest and best use of moral contracts and recombinant citizenship.

Gilles Paquet is professor emeritus at the Telfer School of Management and senior research fellow at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa. He has authored or edited over 35 books and published a large number of papers on economics, public management, and governance.

Table de matières

  Foreword vii
  Introduction: Diversity as Weasel Word and Multiculturalism as Questionable 1 1
Chapter 1 The problematic of Cultural Pluralism 13
Chapter 2 Intercultural Relations: A Myrdal-Tocqueville-Girard Interpretative Scheme 25 (co-authored with Paul Laurent) 25
Chapter 3 Political Philosophy of Multiculturalism 39
Chapter 4 Multiculturalism as National Policy 53
Chapter 5 Are There Limits to Diversity?
(co-authored with Paul Reed)
Chapter 6 Diversity, Egalitarianism, and Cosmopolitanism 77
Chapter 7 Moral Contract as Enabling Mechanism 93
Chapter 8 Citizenship as Umbrella Strategy 103
Chapter 9 The Charter as Governance Challenge 129
Conclusion: A Primer on the Governance of Cultures 159
Acknowledgements   183
Bibliography   185

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