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Book Review

<em>The Way Ahead</em>

The Way Ahead

par Tom Brzustowski

This is a practical book about economic change needed in Canada. Ours is a prosperous country, but our prosperity is under stress from demographics, many increasingly irresistible pressures on the public purse, and low productivity growth. To maintain our quality of life, our prosperity must both increase and be made sustainable. That requires greater growth in productivity-the value of what we produce per hour of work.

The strategy for increasing productivity growth recommended in The Way Ahead is to switch from an economy largely dependent on commodities to one that thrives on innovations in all sectors that succeed in world markets. The strategy requires good R&D. It also requires a strong capacity for marketing Canadian products around the world, an area where our multicultural society offers great potential. Finally, the strategy calls for a new level of understanding, strategic coherence, and mutual support between the private and public sectors.

Under various labels, the subject of this book has been studied by think tanks and panels for decades, and lists of their recommendations abound. What remains is to set these ideas into practice. This book offers practical advice on how to prepare for a prosperous and sustainable future by starting now to develop the capabilities for improving our productivity growth for the long term.

Tom Brzustowski is RBC Professor in the Commercialization of Innovation at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa.

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