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Book Review

A Lantern on the Bow: A History of the Science Council of Canada and Its Contribution to the Science and Innovation Policy Debate

A Lantern on the Bow: A History of the Science Council of Canada and Its Contribution to the Science and Innovation Policy Debate

par Paul Dufour, Jeff Kinder

The Science Council of Canada (1966-1992) was at the forefront of a global re-assessment of how knowledge can shape society, as it stimulated a dynamic yet critical dialogue about the role of science, technology and innovation in Canada. It served as a lantern on the bow illuminating themes that still resonate: priority-setting in research; the supply and demand of highly qualified personnel; foresight and science advice to government; the social and economic returns of investments in basic research and big science; natural resource management and sustainability; and, the impact of disruptive technologies and innovation and related issues of risk perception and risk assessment. In a "post-truth" world, the need has never been greater for decision makers thirsty for the insights of science broadly defined to help chart and navigate our common future. As Canada continues to experiment with its science advisory ecosystem, there is much we can learn from the history of this important institution.

Paul Dufour is a Fellow and Adjunct Professor with the Institute for Science, Society and Policy at the University of Ottawa. His experience includes the Office of the National Science Advisor to the Government of Canada, the International Development Research Centre, and research advisor for the Science Council of Canada.

Jeff Kinder currently directs the Innovation Lab at the Institute on Governance in Ottawa. A public servant with over 25 years of experience at the intersection of science, innovation and policy in the U.S. and Canada, he is the author of GovScience 2020: Re-thinking Public Science in a Networked Era.

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Table des matières

Jeff Kinder and Paul Dufour


Chapter 1. Early History of Science Advice and the Science and Innovation Policy Debate in Canada Jeff Kinder

Chapter 2. The Science Council's Origins
Philip Enros

Chapter 3. A View from the Bridge I - The Evolution of The Science Council as Seen Through Chairman's Statements in Annual Reports
Roger Voyer


Theme I:
Canada's Science System

Chapter 4. A Science Policy for Canada
G. Bruce Doern

Chapter 5. 'Big Science', Major Programs and International Dimensions
Meg Barker and Janet E. Halliwell

Chapter 6. Deliberative Inquiry: The Method of the Science Education Study
Graham Orpwood

Theme II:
Science &Technology Addressing National Concerns

Chapter 7. Canada as a Conserver Society: Resource Uncertainties and the Need for New Technologies
Arthur Cordell

Chapter 8. The Science Council and the Construction of an Information Society
Hank Trim

Theme III:
Industrial Technology and Innovation Policy

Chapter 9. Engaging the Debate on Industrial and Innovation Policy
Michael Jenkin and William Forward

Chapter 10. Technology Policy for a New Economy
Rick Clayton


Chapter 11. Closure of the Science Council of Canada - The Debate and Context
Paul Dufour

Chapter 12. A View from the Bridge II - Reflections from the President's Office
Interview with Janet Halliwell

By Way of Conclusion
Paul Dufour and Jeff Kinder

Contributors' Biographies

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