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Volume 45, Issue 2 - Jul 2015

The plight of Canada’s Public Service Commission

Ruth Hubbard

Volume 44, Issue 2 - Jun 2014


Gilles Paquet

Volume 44, Issue 1 - Mar 2014

Counteracting The Narcissistic Tendencies of Executive Teams

Rosslyn J. Emmerson

Volume 43, Issue 2 - Jun 2013

Performance, not model employer

Ruth Hubbard

Volume 42, Issue 1 - Mar 2012

Why the Public Service Modernization Act has failed

Doug Dollinger

The democracy-technocracy tug of war

Ruth Hubbard

Volume 41, Issue 2 - Jun 2011

Improving Bureaucracy: some suggestions

Blaine Knapp et/and Christopher Studholme

Volume 38, Issue 4 - Dec 2008

Governance: the new balance between politicians and public servants in Canada

David Zussman

Volume 38, Issue 3 - Aug 2008

Cat’s Eyes: intelligent work versus perverse incentives - APEX Forums on Wicked Problems

Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet

Merit and the Public Service Commission of Canada

Luc Juillet and Ken Rasmussen

Volume 38, Issue 1 - Mar 2008

An ethical look at the secure delivery of care

Hubert Doucet

Volume 37, Issue 4 - Dec 2007

The public service: a “Generation X” perspective

Angela Majic

Volume 37, Issue 3 - Oct 2007

Toward a new moral contract: Reclaiming trust in public service

Ralph Heintzman

Volume 37, Issue 2 - Jun 2007

Public Service of the 21st Century: Trust, Leadership and Accountability

Paul G. Thomas

Volume 36, Issue 1 - Mar 2006

The new public governance and the Public Service Commission

Peter Aucoin

Volume 35, Issue 4 - Dec 2005

The Role of Arts in Education and Learning

François-Marc Gagnon, Ron Shuebrook, Vladimir Spacanovic, David Waterhouse

Volume 35, Issue 3 - Sep 2005

Two avenues toward a learning public service

Annie Therriault

Volume 34, Issue 3 - Oct 2004

Do we need super bureaucrats?

Ruth Hubbard

Volume 34, Issue 2 - Jul 2004

Making public service reform work

Michael Trottier

Volume 34, Issue 1 - Apr 2004

Effectiveness of training and development

Bryan Shane, Patricia Lafferty

Volume 33, Issue 4 - Dec 2003

Career Advisory Panel: Innovation in human resource development

Robert E. Chartrand

Volume 33, Issue 3 - Sep 2003

The interpersonal dimension of policy-making: the Northern Development Accord

Ian Peach, Randy Brothen

Volume 33, Issue 2 - Jun 2003

Public Service Modernization: Fixing the cart may not suffice

Ruth Hubbard

Volume 33, Issue 1 - Mar 2003

Competency-based Management in the Canadian Federal Public Service

Guy Bellemare, Carl-Denis Bouchard

Volume 32, Issue 4 - Dec 2002

Boundary Spanning and Public Sector Reform in Australia and Canada

John Langford, Meredith Edwards

Volume 32, Issue 3 - Oct 2002

Human resources issues in public sector informatics

Timothy R. McConnell

Volume 32, Issue 2 - Jun 2002

Herding cats: the evolving governance relationships between government and the voluntary sector

Ruth Hubbard

Volume 32, Issue 1 - Mar 2002

ENRON and the twilight of professional ethics

Gilles Paquet

Volume 31, Issue 1 - Nov 2001

Human Resource Management Modernization and Core Values

Ruth Hubbard

Violence in the Workplace: A New Challenge

Joanne D. Leck

Volume 30, Issue 3 - Apr 2001

Ideas for enhancing employee empowerment in the Government of Canada

Eleanor Glor

Searching for gender neutrality in the UCS

Marilee Reimer

Helping find gender neutrality: a theoretical framework

John Kervin

Productivity, innovation and risk in the arena of polarized politics

Arthur Turner

Trust building in organizations: a fundamental component of risk management models

Aïda Warah

Volume 30, Issue 2 - Jun 2000

Exploring the changing emotional landscape of the public administrator

Mark N. Wexler

Volume 29, Issue 4 - Dec 1999

Listen carefully: you will hear what people are thinking

V. Peter Harder

Career development of knowledge workers in the federal public service: the view from the trenches

Linda Duxbury, Natalie Lam, Lorraine Dyke

Career development: taking the pulse of the public service

Lorraine Dyke, Linda Duxbury, Natalie Lam

Career development in best-practice organizations: critical success factors

Natalie Lam, Lorraine Dyke, Linda Duxbury

On career development at Statistics Canada

Ivan Fellegi

Where should the federal public service go from here? Key recommendations arising from the research

Linda Duxbury, Lorraine Dyke, Natalie Lam

Facing facts

V. Peter Harder

Retired public servants and “emeritus” activities

Sylvia T. Wargon

Volume 29, Issue 2 - Jun 1999

Labour market integration of persons with disabilities

Yves C. Gagnon, France Picard

Humour: the missing link in the chain of command

Louise LeBrun

The manager as coach

Aïda Warah

Investing in people: the public service in an information age

Luc Juillet, Jeffrey Roy

Volume 28, Issue 4 - Dec 1998

Some thoughts on the future

Arthur Kroeger

Seduction as a leadership competency

Aïda Warah

Volume 28, Issue 3 - Sep 1998

Management by design

John C. Nash, Mary M. Nash

Volume 28, Issue 2 - Jun 1998

An integrated approach to effective knowledge management

Alain J. Godbout

Competitive intelligence for managers: a brave new world

Jonathan L. Calof, William Skinner

Volume 28, Issue 1 - Mar 1998

On Being Canadian

Rosey Edeh

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