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La Maison Gouvernance

La Maison Gouvernance is the collective that has the responsibility for the stewardship of Optimum Online and Invenire. Its main interest is in critical governance studies. For La Maison Gouvernance, governance is a manière de voir, an analytical framework, a clinical apparatus, and a new mental toolbox, but also, fundamentally, a subversive approach: it aims at permanently and critically evaluating all governance arrangements in place in the private, public and social sectors, detecting the pathologies of governance, and designing correctives for those pathologies.

This interest in critical governance studies emerged in the National Capital Region in the 1980s. In the colloquial exchanges of the colleagues who partook in these palavers about governance since then, La Maison Gouvernance has been the informal moniker used to refer to the virtual and shifting rally points around which most of the activities crystallized. This label has also served to identify the disparate group of hundreds of academics, technocrats, professionals and practitioners who met semi-regularly to debate problems of pathologies of governance. Colleagues from other parts of the country joined in on the occasion of diverse forums organized in Ottawa.

From these early days, La Maison Gouvernance has been a virtual umbrella organization — a hub to bring together persons committed to seeking better responses to contemporary problems of governance in the private, public and social sectors. It aimed also, from the beginning, to be an observatory of emerging trends and experiments in the world of governance.

The Summit Group

The Summit Group is a publisher of high quality magazines, books and other publications for audiences with an interest in public sector issues. Its publications are supported by advertisers and sponsors as well as by retail sales. Summit also has expertise in contract publishing and strategic communications. The Summit team has provided clients with quality publications for more than 20 years. We offer a full range of services, from research, writing, editing, translation and design to printing distribution and database management.


Invenire is a publishing house created in 2009 that specializes in the publication of work in critical governance studies.

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