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Optimum Online is a joint initiative of the Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa, and The Summit Group, both former partners in the team that published Optimum: The Journal of Public Sector Management for the past five years of its 30-year history.

The Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa

The Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa, was created in 1997 as a joint venture of the Faculty of Administration and the Faculty of Social Sciences. From its inception, it was seen as a hub for the work on governance taking place in all facilities of the University of Ottawa.

It had as objectives to develop:
  • conceptual frameworks for analyzing coordination problems in organizations;
  • tools to better analyze governance issues; and
  • a clinical approach for repairing failures of governance.
While the Centre has explored projects in many different areas, its core initiatives are based on:
  • the challenges posed by distributed governance as the new form of organizational architecture;
  • the roles of social learning and adaptive capacities in the knowledge-based economy; and
  • the development of metrics and evaluation methods for new governance structures.
In 2001, it is a research and teaching unit of the University of Ottawa that has garnered much attention and received accolades from communities of academics and practitioners in Canada and abroad. The first director of the Centre was Gilles Paquet, who started the organization. Recently Denis Desautels has been named Executive Director.

The Summit Group

The Summit Group is a publisher of high quality magazines, books and other publications for audiences with an interest in public sector issues. Its publications are supported by advertisers and sponsors as well as by retail sales. Summit also has expertise in contract publishing and strategic communications. The Summit team has provided clients with quality publications for more than 10 years. We offer a full range of services, from research, writing, editing, translation and design to printing, distribution and database management. We also assist clients with revenue generation in the form of sponsorship and advertising. The result has been a first class collection of newsletters, journals, books, CDs and Web sites for both the public and private sector communities. Summit also delivers communications management, strategic planning and media monitoring services for clients in both the public and private sectors.

Our staff have distinguished and diverse backgrounds in such areas as contract publishing, journalism, project management and consulting and have worked for a variety of organizations in the private and public sectors, both in Canada and abroad. Formed in 1998 and based in Ottawa, Canada's capital city, Summit maintains a network of associated firms, including printers, designers and consultants, all with stellar records of their own.

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