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Optimum Online is the Web site edition of Optimum: Critical Governance Studies. It is produced quarterly by The Summit Group under contract for La Maison Gouvernance.

Optimum Online continues the work of the printed journal, Optimum: The Journal of Public Sector Management and its electronic version over the last 30 years. The online journal is a unique publication focusing on critical studies in governance. It publishes both theoretical and applied materials that deal with current and future trends in the practices of the private, public and social sectors' managerial frontiers. It seeks original material of relevance.

Editor: Gilles Paquet
Telfer School of Management & Graduate School of Public International Affairs
University of Ottawa

Managing Editor: McEvoy Galbreath

Web Site Development: Logisphere Inc.

Advertising and Sponsorship Sales

Circulation: Terry Gray

Inquiries and address changes may be addressed to:

Copyright Notice

Published by The Summit Group, under contract, for La Maison Gouvernance, 2017

© La Maison Gouvernance, 2017

All rights reserved.

If you wish to reproduce, store in a retrieval system or transmit this material in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or otherwise, we would appreciate you informing us.

Gilles Paquet, Editor

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